About Us

Our Story

Located at latitude 17.06N and longitude 61.79W is the exotic Caribbean island of Antigua & Barbuda. A girl by the name of Gail was living with her mother, two sisters and her brother. Being the youngest Gail always seemed to get herself into trouble and get herself out of trouble just as quick.  One day Gail was on her way home after school and instead of going home the way she does every other day, Gail decided to go the back way by the tank. As she made her way past the tank she heard a rustle from behind the tank and Gail was startled but curious at the same time and cautiously approached the tank to find out what was making the noise. Suddenly a young goat leapt out and landed in her arms knocking her to the ground. She rolled around with laughter and decided to take the goat home. As she approached home she could see her mother on the balcony and yelled “Mummy mummy, look what I found! Can I keep it”. Gail’s mother was not pleased with her for coming home late from school and for bringing home the goat. Suddenly the goat jumped out of Gail’s arms and into her mother’s arms. “See mummy the goat loves you, please please can I keep her”. From that day onwards Gail raised the goat along with other goat’s until she had children of her own and then taught her nephew Genardo how to raise goats, which he continues to do to this day along with growing his own produce off the land 

Our Team

Darryn Pitman Executive Head Chef and Operations Manager has traveled the world extensively exploring different cultures and cuisines. He and his team have worked closely with local farmers to use locally sourced produce and offers International cuisine with influences of Caribbean and South American flavours.

Our Specialities

For lunch and dinner we have Hand Cut Pappardelle Pasta, Duck Risotto, Seafood Soup, Roast Pork Belly, Baked Snapper Fillet, and lovely deserts. For all-day breakfast, we offer Fritters, Pancakes, Smashed Avocado, Eggs Benedict and breakfast burger with crunchy chips.